Сhoose between a friendship with your friend or a dating a friends ex girlfriend


In this strange situation, when you have to choose between continuing a friendship with your friend or starting a dating a friends ex girlfriend, you need to determine what is more important in this situation. You may have to give up a relationship and be quite determined in this case.
You need to understand that if your friend’s past and present are important to his ex-girlfriend, then you should not develop any relationship with her. This could ruin your trusting relationship with your friend. There’s even a risk that you could cause him serious psychological trauma. In this case, after the first passionate interest in love has settled, there may be an unpleasant precipitate in the new relationship.
Especially if the breakup in the relationship between the friend and his ex was her fault because of her bad character or there was a place of bullying on her part towards him. In this case, it will not be able to negatively affect the future relationship in all directions. It can also be dangerous for you, because you don’t know how the relationship will develop between you and this girl. If she tends to behave disrespectfully, there is a danger that the situation will happen again and you will find yourself in the place of your friend. When you have to go to a break-up and make sure that the consequences of the stressful situation will not affect your mental and physical health.

But there may be another development in history. When you and your friend are close enough and can talk about anything. In this case, you can tell him how you feel about his ex-girlfriend and he will easily answer you that his heart is completely calm and he is happy in other relationships. Well, then you can be happy with your friend. Perhaps this relationship with her will be long in life and will bring you happiness.
Situations are different and completely inexplicable manifestations of feelings are inherent in every person. It is not always possible to explain why people broke up, just like they did when they decided to be together. But you must always remember that you cannot hurt the feelings of another person. It doesn’t matter if you’re a close friend or a stranger. There is a saying that taking advantage of the situation in someone else’s misfortune, it is impossible to build your own well-being. Sooner or later, an accident may occur that will put you in the same position. And you will want to be treated humanely.

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