Types of Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Accessories

Everyone expects the bride to have her most beautiful look on her wedding day. Her make up, gown, wedding dress, jewelry, and accessories should all match the wedding theme and especially her general outlook. One of items that provide wonderful accents to the overall look of a bride is her bridal hair accessories.

Types of Bridal Hair Accessories
There are a lot of different bridal hair accessories to choose from. They come in various styles to mix and match with the bride’s hair style and the wedding theme. Getting the right accessories will make your bride look more glorious. Of course, you should match the accessories with the favored theme of the occasion. For instance, if you have a beach wedding you can use accessories like shells, crystals, and other matching jewelry.
Here are some of the most prominent bridal hair piece you can find out there. Some of them may already be familiar to you while others may come up as something innovative.

Wedding Veil
The veil is an accessory that has been around since antiquity. It is sometimes worn as a cultural or a religious expression. It is almost always exclusively worn only by women. The idea is to cover the head or face with the veil, which basically means showing honor to the one who wears it.
Wedding veils come in various lengths for you to choose from. There are elbow length veils, shoulder length veils, and chapel length wedding veils. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you get the longest one you are picking the best. You should match the length of the wedding with the style and cut of your wedding dress and the style of your hair.

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Hair Pins

Hair Pins
As the adage goes that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory, so should the bride’s hair be astonishingly stunning come the time she marches down the aisle. Well, you can’t just expect her hair to hang in there throughout the whole ceremony. Keeping her hair in perfect style is already an achievement worthy of commendation.
This is where wedding hair pins come in. They do not only hold her hair in place, they also add accents and soft touches to an already glorious natural crown. Of course, bridal hair pins aren’t just pins on her head. They are usually adorned with various ornaments such as crystals, flowers, ivory, rhinestones, and many more. Just like the other bridal hair accessories, the hair pins should also match the wedding theme.

Barrettes and Combs
Those who are a bit more conservative can opt for ornamental combs and barrettes. Both barrettes and combs don’t only adorn the hair of a bride; they also have functional purposes like hair pins.

Hair Flowers

Hair Flowers
Hair flowers give a soft touch to a bride’s hair style and provide interesting accents to her face. You can use flowers of any size and you can even use life like plastic flowers instead of fresh ones. The popular colors for the flowers are ivory and white. Flowers may be embellished with pearl, crystal, rhinestone or any other precious jewels.

Bridal Hair Claws
Bridal hair claws give off an elegant effect since they can have crystals as additional embellishments. The hair claws themselves are cheap but the addition of crystals and other precious stones will jack up the price.

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Bridal Headbands

Bridal Headbands
Headbands are bridal hair accessories that can make her look quite conservative and simple yet neat. At times, stylists combine headbands with combs and pins to make a bit of a reserved appeal. Some headbands can be worn just like one would wear a tiara thus making an elegant look.

Hair Slides
The pretty designs on hair slides make them quite popular. Other than that, hair slides can be adorned with crystals or flowers. Slides usually come in silver and gold colors. They are relatively cheap.


Tiaras were once only reserved for those born of noble blood. Of course, brides who put them on for their wedding are treated like princesses. However, do take note that wedding tiaras don’t exactly resemble crown-like ones. Instead, tiaras designed for weddings appear like hair bands. They are circular in shape but aren’t closed like crown tiaras.

Choosing the Right Hair Accessories
There are no hard and fast rules on how to choose the right hair accessories for your bride. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you should match the said accessories to the rest of the jewelry and trinkets your bride will wear. As a rule of thumb, you should never overdo things. The hair accessories should be ample enough as well as being eye catching.

Caring for the Bride’s Accessories
You should care for bridal hair accessories as if they were actual pieces of heirloom jewelry. Once you’re done using them you should keep them in a box to keep them safe from sunlight and dust. Avoid getting any hair products like hair sprays on your accessories. These products can dull pearls, gems, and crystals and discolor other materials.

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Caring for the Bride’s Accessories

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