⠀ What to do in the first 40 days after giving birth?

The woman’s body https://heirloommidwifery.com/ is amazing! How quickly it adapts to new conditions and rebuilds to a different regime!

⠀For 9 months, the body worked hard to give life to a new person. Every cell of the mother took care of the baby.

⠀And then at one point everything changed:

⠀⠀ The center of gravity has shifted

Intra-abdominal pressure dropped sharply, which maintained the stability of the pelvis and lower back from the inside and supported the position of internal organs a

Abdominal muscles lost support.

With natural childbirth, the perineum could be severely injured, and after cesarean section, already weakened abdominal muscles were injured.

The body begins to readjust to a new hormonal control regime.

⠀That is why, in the first 6 weeks (40 days), careful and accurate care of the body is needed.

⠀No sudden movements. Only smooth position changes.

WHAT CAN BE DONE during this period?

⠀Lie as much as possible (especially the first 2 weeks while the main uterine contraction occurs)

⠀Breathe with emphasis on the movement of the ribs. During pregnancy, the diaphragm “freezes” in the expiratory phase and the lower ribs open. It is important to «close» them and make the chest more plastic.

⠀Gentle mobilization of the lower back.

From a prone position, we perform circular rotations with the pelvis and low pelvic lifts with an emphasis on stretching the back

⠀ If there were injuries to the perineum during childbirth, then after healing and fusion of the sutures, conditions must be created to “soften” the scar tissue so that in the future it does not pull on adjacent tissues.

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Lying on your side, pull your knees to your chest and try to bend your lower back while inhaling and «roll back» your tailbone (10 times on each side)

When it starts to work out on the side, then do it lying on your back, pressing both knees to your shoulders.

Sit! Sit on a soft seat with legs wide apart and perform gentle swaying of the pelvis.

⠀ After 10-14 days, you can go for a full walk. Walking is the best exercise for working the whole body.

⠀These are the main points to pay attention to in the first 6 weeks. It is important to support the body in its self-recovery.

⠀ After CS, it is important not so much to recover from surgery as to restore posture and muscle work after pregnancy!


  • The very fact of pregnancy leaves a greater imprint on health than the method of delivery.⠀
  • But still, there are some nuances in the recovery after the CS:⠀
  • After CS, you can start performing Kegel exercises from the first days (after ND, only after healing of the perineum)⠀
  • After CS, it is recommended to wear a postoperative bandage or tie the abdomen to reduce the risk of prolapse
    ⠀ After the suture has healed, it is important to start performing exercises with multidirectional movements of the spine as early as possible (lateral bends, backbends with arms over the head, spiral twists, pelvic circles) — this will allow the formation of new fascial directions, so that the suture will be mobile and will not negatively affect in the future on movement and posture.
  • That is why doctors immediately force women after CS to get up and walk.
  • 3-6 months after the operation, it is important to start massaging the suture and moving the skin around it. This should be done daily, this will ensure a good outflow of lymph and remove swelling. Thanks to this, the «apron» does not appear over the seam, and the sensitivity will recover faster.⠀
  • For the rest, after the COP, as well as after the EP, it is important:
  • Restore coordination of the diaphragm, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
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Improve lumbar mobilization and pelvic stability — MOVE IN 3D

Work to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and «close» the ribs and increase the mobility of the chest — BREATHE IN 3D and MOVE

⠀This rule of four «D» works flawlessly in all situations and helps the mother feel good, take care of the baby, manage the household and not get discouraged.

⠀Who had the CS? What were the difficulties in recovery?

It’s especially interesting how you recovered after ND and CS, if there are such girls here

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